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Fastest 2 WD on the Sachsenring again?

Back in 2015, JE DESIGN teamed up with Garage Winandy to create a performance car for the Sachsenring. The basis at the time was a Seat Leon Cupra 5F. With this vehicle, we held the title of "Fastest 2 WD on the Sachsenring" from Auto Bild Sportscars for years. As we like "have" better than "had" in this case, the new Cupra Leon Hatchback gave us another opportunity to attempt a record on the Sachsenring...  



Cupra Leon KL Hatchback mit JE DESIGN Widebody Kit

Cupra Leon KL Hatchback mit JE DESIGN Widebody Kit

Aerodynamic-Performance pur

The rear wing with a central gooseneck and double wing, specially developed for the hatchback, generates an impressive 180 kg of downforce on the rear axle at 200 km/h. Due to this high downforce, the use of the rear wing is only permitted in combination with the three-part front spoiler to ensure aerodynamic balance. The centre section of the front spoiler can be manually adjusted in position and thus offers two aerodynamic adjustment options - STREET & RACE.

The widebody kit consists of wheel arch extensions with side winglets on the front and rear axles. The winglets create a kind of air curtain through their inlets and outlets. This "air curtain" effect ensures improved airflow around the vehicle. The in-house side skirts visually connect the winglets on the front and rear axles.

KW coilover suspension V4 Clubsport

KW coilover suspension


The KW V4 Clubsport allows fine adjustments for different wheel loads, changing vehicle weights or changing body stiffness. Thanks to its user-friendly adjustment option via clicks, the KW coilover suspension can be adjusted effortlessly. Based on the settings of the KW 7-post driving dynamics test bench, the suspension was optimised for the Sachsenring.

KW suspension

Safe and high quality

The low-speed compression stage can be manually adjusted between six different levels on the purple-coloured wheel. The gold-coloured wheel regulates the high-speed compression stage via 14 clicks. The rebound can be customised with 16 further selection options.The KW V4 Clubsport has a parts certificate.

ATS GTR x Dunlop

The ATS GTR rim in 9.5 x 18 together with the Dunlop Direzza 03 G in specification H1 and size 265/ 35 R 18 was the first choice for the wheel/tyre combination.

The weight-optimised ATS GTR rim provides the ideal basis for the Dunlop semi-slick - this duo significantly reduces the unsprung mass. Perfect for every track day!

Performance & weight optimization



The LiteBlox battery saves 15 kg on the front axle and is suitable for everyday use.

Otherwise, the rear seat bench, the rear wiper and the air conditioning system fell victim to the lightweight construction.

performance upgrade

APR performance upgrade

Consisting of software optimisation, large intercooler, turbo inlet and outlet and modified intake. Exhaust system and turbocharger remain standard. This ensures very good elasticity, and the 2.0 turbo engine does not need high revs to get its 390 hp onto the road.


Lap time: 1.34,80

Then as now - wide and fast.

in the making!

Lap time: 1:32,82

New Sachsenring record

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