Accessories program for the Leon Sportstourer

Our customization program for the Cupra Leon Sportstourer Type KL currently consists of aerodynamic parts rims and lowering springs. Other components will be added to the portfolio in the near future.

Aerodynamic parts


We have developed a subtle, sporty kit especially for the Cupra Leon. This kit is called "Street Race", can be assembled without great effort and can even be dismantled again if necessary (leasing). All parts come with a glossy black surface, which makes painting unnecessary. Of course, if required, the parts can also be painted in the vehicle color or a contrasting color.

The kit consists of a 2-part front spoiler, front fender covers, rear air outlet  and a 2-part roof edge spoiler. All parts are shown and described in detail below, including the respective link to our online shop.

Front spoiler 2-part

The two-part front spoiler is already supplied with a glossy black surface. This finish is coordinated with the factory-fitted black glossy parts on the exterior. Thanks to this surface finish and its special shape, the spoiler fits perfectly into the overall look of the sporty station wagon.

Rear spoiler 2-part

The two-part rear spoiler is also supplied with a glossy black finish to match the glossy black exterior parts that are factory-fitted to the Leon. Thanks to its perfect fit, the spoiler can easily be glued to the roof edge and gives the Spaniard an even more dynamic look in the twinkle of an eye.

Air outlet front 2-part

In order to give the side view of the Cupra a little plus in aggressiveness and dynamism, we have developed a cover for the fender. This simulates an air outlet and adapts nicely to the look of the vehicle with its glossy black surface.

Air outlet rear 2-part

With these fake air outlet panels in black gloss, the Leon has a much more aggressive look in the rear and side view. The covers are glued to the rear bumper and can be removed without leaving any residue if necessary, e.g. when returning a leased vehicle.

carbon fiber mirror caps

In order to underline the "sport" in Sportstourer, we are preparing mirror caps in carbon fiber for the Leon. The covers are mounted on the existing mirror cap and weigh only 64g per side.

Suspension & lowering

Lowering springs

For a sportier driving behavior and a more dynamic look, we offer lowering springs for the Leon. These are installed in connection with the original shock absorbers. The factory-installed DCC remains fully functional.


Wheel spacers

Our wheel spacer kits are specially designed for the corresponding vehicles. Using the push-through system, the anodized aluminum spacers can be easily installed in connection with the standard rims. You can find detailed information on this at our online shop.

  • Cádiz alloywheel in 20 inch


    semi-gloss black / copper finish



    semi-gloss black / copper finish



    shiny black / front polished

    shiny black

    Alloy rims example pictures






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