NEWS: Seat Leon KL FR initial contact

JE DESIGN, traditional tuner for the SEAT and CUPRA brands, has struck again.

Shortly after the official market launch, they are one of the first to present an individualization program for the new Seat Leon type KL.

The FR version, which is already sporty ex works, has been pre-tied here.

In a first encounter with the tuner, the new Seat Leon had to give up - namely its original lowering springs with a depth of approx. 35 mm, which were specially made for JE DESIGN. The standard dampers remain unaffected. The lowering harmonizes with the "normal" dampers as well as with the electronically controlled dampers from the DCC chassis, which are available ex works.

The wheel side of the new Leon is currently 18 ". At JE DESIGN, for example, the original rims are exchanged for sporty, elegant Lucca rims in black gloss in size 8 x 19. 235/35 R 19 tires are used. This configuration works The new Leon is not only more elegant, but also a lot sportier. 8 x 20 with 235/30 R 20 tires are also possible.

As usual, further visual changes are already being planned.

But things really get going with the sporty Cupra Leon and Cupra Leon ST models, which are due to come onto the market from the 4th quarter of 2020.


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